Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Style Tips from some BOYS

I loved reading Nicole's blog yesterday about her daughter's style tips for "her." I think there is so much that we can learn from our children about style and fashion. They don't have so-called filters, so the information is raw and (let's face it) usually spot-on. My sons each have their own styles. Maybe it's because I have all boys - 4 to be exact - I love to see them each with a distinct style. Something that's their own. It's funny, even when they were babies... I used to buy a particular color for each one. William was blue. Alexander was green. Benjamin was red. And Henry was orange. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that they have their own fashion opinions for me. As Nicole has experienced... I so know what it's like.

"Mommy, what's wrong with your hair?" Yes, this was said to me by my son Benjamin (he's 2 1/2) this past weekend. I haven't had time to get my blonde (ahem) hair highlighted, so Benjmamin has completely called me out on it. First thing I did Monday morning was make an appointment. I knew my hair needed to be done, but I just hadn't had the time/opportunity to call... until Benjamin.

"Mommy, why don't you wear this?" I hate to admit this, but I have so many clothes - that I have spilled over into my sons' bedrooms. I keep all of my dresses in Benjamin's room. When we were tucking him in last week, my oldest son William asked me why I don't wear any of the dresses. It's funny because 6 years ago, I practically lived in those dresses for work. Nowadays it's all about jeans, boots and a cozy sweater. I still like to look chic and fashionable... but gone are the days of dressing up for work every day. It's strange to me that my sons don't know that side of "Mommy." But it totally got me to take a dress out and wear one this past weekend. I figured it's time they see mom in something other than pants!

"Mommy, what is this? I like it." Ahh.... words you love to hear. A couple of weeks ago I did the closet changeover. It's cold here in Rhode Island, so I needed to get all my sweaters and scarves and gloves from storage. I have a bunch of cashmere scarves and sweaters. I really try to take care of these items because they are some of my faves! My second son, Alexander, asked me this past Saturday what the soft scarf was. CASHMERE. Delicious, soft, beautiful CASHMERE. When I put on one of my turtleneck sweaters, all he wanted to do was hug me because I was so "soft." Love it. There's something pretty cute (and cool) about a son noticing something soft, cozy and fashionably chic!

Ahh... these are my little "pint-sized fashion editors" giving me advice. As Nicole asks, "What do yours say?"

Monday, November 2, 2009

Style Tips from a Four-Year-Old

Less is not more when you are four.  And I'm learning to embrace this notion thanks to my young daughter.  We are a house of strong opinions, and my two girls make themselves heard.  Here are some words of wisdom from my oldest fashionista:

"Mommy you wear too much black." Guilty as charged.  I live in NYC a glorious cultural mecca, exciting to be sure, but without a doubt FILTHY.  I embrace black as my signature color out of practicality.  Thanks to my daughter, I experiment with color these days.  Two key pieces: a vibrant yellow Mackintosh and a pair of bright pink wool pants.  I've been wearing both pieces (not together) a lot this fall and I get a ton of compliments.

"Mommy why don't you ever wear this necklace?" Little girls love going through jewelry. My observant girl, picks out the items she never or rarely sees.  She's been a helpful reminder to not get stuck in a rut and to try something new.

"You should wear high heels every day." Clomp, clomp.  Uttered as she shuffles around the hall in my 4" Jimmy Choo stilettos,   Well, this isn't entirely practical considering I walk at least 2 miles everyday.  On the other hand, I do have a standing date night with my husband and I should slip into my pre-baby shoe collection more often.

What have you learned from the pint-sized fashion editors living in your house?