Saturday, October 24, 2009

Holiday Fashions for BOYS

It's almost HOLIDAY time! There's nothing like shopping for your child's (or children's) oh-so-needed-and-essential Holiday outfit(s) for photos, parties and the endless and various family/friend/school events. As a mom of all boys, it's so different to walk through the Girls Department and see the array of dresses and skirts and leggings and hair-bands and bows and tights and sweater sets and cardigans and pocketbooks. Everything is gorgeous and cute and feminine and just preciously-beautiful. It's definitely true (and I can say this because I'm a mom of boys) that girls do have better selections. But I get it, and understand... I was a "girl" once, too. Girls love to dress up. It's innate.

So what's a mom of boys to do? Truthfully, it's EASY. There are so many different and fun pieces you can add into a Holiday outfit for a boy. Personally, I love my boys to look like handsome "little versions of Daddy" throughout the Holidays. Only drawback is that they refuse to wear suits, that's one thing nobody seems to want to wear. So I've adapted...

TRY THESE 6 EASY PIECES... mix and match away!

Suspenders. Hands down - the cutest little thing on boys. The best part is that you can wear suspenders with jeans, khakis and trouser pants, so you'll get tons of use out of them.

Clip-on Tie. Nothing screams a "little version of Daddy" more than a tie. Super adorable. Super easy. And absolutely perfect for any special occasion.

Vest. I absolutely love vests on boys. They add such a classic touch to an outfit. Don't just use vests with button-downs, I love to pair vests with crewneck tops - long and short sleeved.

Belt. There's such a sense of pride in my son's eyes when we wears a belt. He just "feels" older. Belts are fabulous for the holidays because they really do add that formal touch to a Holiday outfit. Not to mention there are a variety of different patterns and fabrics and styles.

Newsboy Cap. We bought these for our 3 oldest sons about 2 weeks ago. When I say that they have never looked cuter... they have NEVER LOOKED CUTER! With the weather getting a little colder and hats being a necessity... bring on (or put on!) this classic and oh-so-chic hat!

Clip-on Bow Tie. If you're looking for another add-on, you've found it. A Bow Tie for the Holidays is spectacular. My son Alexander loves to wear a Bow Tie with a button-down shirt, and it truly is such a handsome accessory for boys.

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