Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My latest obsession: Grippies

There are a few products that come into my life that I truly wonder how I have lived without them for so long.

As a mom of 4 boys who slip and slide everywhere and anywhere in their socks, I immediately fell in love with GRIPPIES. I'm not kidding - I am in love with them.

So what are Grippies? What has changed my life so much?

Non-slip adhesive stickers that stick right to the bottom of your child's socks. Easy, right?

No slipping. No sliding. We have hardwood floors throughout our house, so for us... there's even more slipping and sliding.

I have never understood the logic in socks without treads for toddlers. If you're a mom of a toddler (boy or girl), you understand my thought process here. Grippies have been a saving grave in our house... for me and the boys. (And yes, they can go on adult socks, too! Shh....)

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